• Product Description
  • Product Features

1.PP (import)hanging bed head and bed feet board

2.PP guardrail can be moved up or down with security for use

3.Central control brake mute casters with high stability, strength, high wear-resisting

4.Configure Danish safe voltage motors(LINAK) silence

5. have a computer operation panel in guardrail, the patient can be more convenient operation (with the nurse controller and CPR function)

6. Size: 2230X990/1050X450/700mm

7. Include one Infusion support ,hooks

The surface of bed, bed, bed foot are used cold-rolled steel, steel pipe manufacturing, and after two times phosphating, electrostatic spraying quality reached national standards.

8. Back section panel: 0~75°;

   Leg section panel:0~45°

   Trendelenburg: 0~10°

   Anti-trendelenburg: 0~10°

9. Max.loading weight: 250kg

10.Diameter of centrally silent castor: 12.5CM

11.Nurse controller, Rail controller

12.Four Linak electrical motor

13. I.V.Pole  , Drainage hook  , Angle scale , CPR handle

14. Detachable PP head and fppt board

15. PP side rail move with bedbase simultaneously

16. Top coat: electrostatic powder coating

   Bed frame: cold-rolled steel tube

   Bed base: cold-rolled steel sheet