• Product Description
  • Product Features

1.The table is equipped with microcomputer controller and safety lock key protecting from misoperation.
2.Adjusted manupulablly to the enough low place (the lowest height 550mm) so that doctor can sit to operate cerebral surgery phthalmology.
3.The table can be moved longitudinally more than 300mm so that C-arm X-ray can rotate freely to work, and x-ray can make radiography vertically without dead angles.
4.The Table is divided into five section: head board, shoulder board, back board, seat board and leg board.
5.The table is made of penetrated X-ray material. There is cassette guide rail under the table which make radiography.
6.Equipped with shoulder-back composited bending button on the table, which will be convient for kidney surgery and Gallbladder surgery.
7.The table is fixed a button which can control the electric wheel to draw in and put out so that the table can be pulled easily.
8.Accessories and Guide rail are made of stainless steel.
9.The main accessory hydraulic pump and electromagnetic valve are made of imported component from Taiwan.
10.Base shell is made of aluminum alloy and supporting base is made of stainless steel.
11.The head board and leg board is adopted special gas-spring from Germany, it is convenient to operate.
12.Configurable built-in kidney bridge and optional forked leg plate.


Advantage and Characteristic        

1.Optional forked leg plate and built-in kidney bridge, optional headstock II type.

2.Right manipulation.


>Body strap 1 pc

>Anesthesia screen 1 pc

>Shoulder support 1 pair

>Arm support 1 pair

>Waist support 1 pair

>Leg support 1 pair

table size:2100x550mm

max & min height:850 & 550mm
max degree for forward and backward tilting:forward ≥20°  backward≥20°  
max degree for left and right tilting:left≥15°  right≥15°  
longitudinal shift of table board:≥200mm
leg section: down≥90°
back section:up ≥75°  down≥15°
head section:up ≥35°  down≥90°