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1.The operating table is suitable for many operations such as parturition and gynecology

operation, diagnosis examination including emergent laparotomy.

2.The trendelenburg / reversed trendelenburg, rising / descent of the whole set is controlled by

the electric push rod.

3.Using the imported air spring for the back section, the table can get the best  position for  

operation usage. The trash basin is well designed, facilitating the doctor to deliver baby

meanwhile amniotic fluid will not splash and prevent the baby from falling by accident.

4.All cover, table top board and waste basin are made of stainless steel with elegant appearance.


Length 1300mm
Max Height 1000mm
Width 600mm
Min Height 750mm
Reversed Trendelenburg ≥22º
Trendelenburg ≥22º
Back Section Raised from the Horizontal ≥75º
Length 550mm
Width 490mm
Supply  AC220±10%,50HZ
Volume 1355*725*885
Optional  Assisting table


>Body strap 1 pc

>Anesthesia screen 1 pc

>Shoulder support 1 pair

>Arm support 1 pair

>Waist support 1 pair

>Leg support 1 pair