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HOT-Hmultipurpose operation table is an improvement product developed on

 the basis of HOT-M series headmanipulation type multipurpose operation table

 and is for use of general operations in chest surgery, department of ophthalmology, department of otolaryngology, department of obstetrics and gynecology, urological department etc. As a unit of non electronic control system comprehensive operation equipment, it is convenient and flexible to operate. 



 1) A multifunctional operation table that applies to various surgical operations and examinations.


 2) Adoption of a foot hydraulic pump that integrates oil tank of oil pump and drive mechanism.


 3) Adoption of the imported cylinder that controls actions of table top and is convenient to operate and reliable to locate.


 4) Compact and rational structure and originative model. 


 5) Built-in waist bridge is convenient to use. 


 6) Both guide rail and accessories are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel. 


 7) All mattresses use the new-style materials that are acid and alkali resistant and disinfection durable. 


Product name Multifunctional operating table price
Model HOT-H
Length and width of tabletop 2000mm×480mm
Min.&Max. height of tabletop 700mm~950mm of forward and backward tilting of table forward ≥25°        backward ≥20° of leftward and rightward tilting of table leftward ≥18°       rightward ≥18°
Range of back board adjustment upward ≥70°        downward ≥8°
Range of head board adjustment upward ≥30°        downward ≥15°
Range of leg board adjustment  downward ≥90°  (can be removed)
Elevating height of kidney bridge ≥100mm


>Body strap 1 pc

>Anesthesia screen 1 pc

>Shoulder support 1 pair

>Arm support 1 pair

>Waist support 1 pair

>Leg support 1 pair