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1.There is controller device lock key protecting from mis-operation.

2. The table is made of penetrated X-ray material, there is cassette guide rail under the table which make radiography.

3. The table is fixed a button which can control the electric wheel to draw in and put out so that the table can be pulled easily.

4. Accessories and guide rails are made of stainless steel, polyurethane etc material.

5. The main accessory hydraulic pump and electromagnetic valve are made of imported component from Taiwan.

6. The mattress is made of foam polyurethane, acid and alkali resistance ,high temperature resistance and easy to clean.

7. The head board and the leg board are adopted special imported gas-spring from Germany. It is convenient to operate.

Product name Electro-hydraulic operatiing table for C-arm 
Model EHOT-E
Length 1960mm
Width 480mm
Up and down range 930mm--690mm
Reversed Trendelenburg ≥20º
Lateral tilt ≥18º
Back rest adjustment Up≥75º   Down ≥10º  
Leg rest adjustment ≥90º
Head rest adjustment Up≥45º Down ≥50º  
Power Supply  220V,50HZ(can be customized)
Kidney bridge  80mm
 Sliding distance  300mm
Optional 1 Assisting table
Optional 2 Forked leg plate



Standard Configuration:

>Body strap 1 pc

>Anesthesia screen 1 pc

>Shoulder support 1 pair

>Arm support 1 pair

>Waist support 1 pair

>Leg support 1 pair