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We customize the ICU ceiling bridge according to hospital's requirements

1.ICU Bridge Type Ceiling-Mounted system,specially designed for intensive care rooms, the entire proocess wards, the recovery room.Supply flexible, first-rank nursing satisty patient's separate treatment and nursing demand.Unique design lies in it all hides the electrical cable and pipeline in the ceiling-mounted arm.

2.The modular design and multiple configurations.

3.As clients' requirements,providing reasonable ICU Combination Ceiling-Mounted Pendant(Apart Dry-Wet).

4.Advanced spray technology, the intelligent combination of innovative

 ways to make the bridge pendant with diverse functions.

Main Technical Data
Type ICU Combination Ceiling-Mounted Pendant(Together With Dry-Wet)
Lengths(mm) 2000-3800
Payload gliders(kg) 100(220P)
Payload shelf 60(110p)
Opreating force (linear and horizontal) (N) 50
Brake power (linear and horizontal) (N) 100
Ceiling mount By two ceiling frames at raw ceiling
Ambient Light (W) 2×54
Reading/Vistors'Lights 220V,2×15W LED spotlights
Standard configuration
1 Column length(mm) 700
Electrical socket 8×220V
4 Gas socket(German Standard O2×2,VAC×1,AIR×1
Lighting 2
communication socket 1
Shelf 1
Drawer 1
Stainless steel basket 1
Extension arm 1
Stainless steel shelf 1
Stainless steel infusion rack  2
Medical Equipment Shelves Quantity 1~4pcs optional, place adjustable
Medical Gas Outlets Standards: British, German, French, Metric, Ohmeda, DISS, Chemetron, Purit-Bennett standards optional
Shelf (mm) 25×10/30×10
Drawer Layer   1/2
Optional Power Driven USD200.00 additional
Electrical Sockets can be customization as clients' request
Warranty 1 year
Delivery time 7 days